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Where Quality Meets Passion: Enigma Hockey.

Enigma Hockey stands as a dynamic force in the world of hockey gear, driven by a passion for excellence and accessibility.

Founded by Colin McIntosh in 2021, Enigma Hockey merges premium quality with affordability, revolutionizing the way athletes and enthusiasts approach the game.

From meticulously crafted sticks to a diverse range including gloves and compression gear, each product is a testament to our commitment to delivering performance-enhancing equipment that doesn't compromise on style.

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Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we certainly do. Price depends on the destination and is case by case.

Can we do a custom designed stick/gloves etc?

Definitely, For custom designs or team orders please contact us directly. Cost will vary depending on the design/detail and size of the order.

How long will it take to get my order?

Custom orders - Sticks: 4-5 Weeks, Socks: 3-4 Weeks, Gloves: 6-10 Weeks depending on the size/quantity of the order.

In-Stock Orders - Standard shipping in NZ is 2-5 business days. International is case by case.

Where are you based?

Enigma Hockey is based in the original kiwi 'Hockeytown' Queenstown, New Zealand...but our style is repped all over the world.

I need to ask you about an order or a product

Hit us up at our contact page or on Facebook or Instagram. Tasty hockey puns are always appreciated.

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