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The man behind the Engima.

Meet Colin McIntosh, the visionary founder behind Enigma Hockey. Hailing from The Pas, Manitoba, Canada, Colin's journey through the world of hockey has been nothing short of extraordinary. From his early days on the ice to his global pursuits, Colin's passion and dedication have left an indelible mark on the sport.

Having played hockey throughout his life, Colin's skills propelled him to the ranks of NCAA III, where he showcased his talent and determination. His pursuit of excellence took him across continents, from the Southern Professional Hockey League to the arenas of Germany, Poland, France, and Romania. Each step in his international career added to his wealth of experience, enriching his understanding of the game and its nuances.

However, it was his journey to New Zealand that truly solidified Colin's role as a game-changer. Joining the NZIHL's SkyCity Stampede based in Queenstown, he became a vital part of the local hockey scene. It was during this phase that the seeds of Enigma Hockey were sown. Colin's first-hand experience as a player, his exposure to diverse hockey cultures, and his innate drive to enhance the sport for all led him to envision a brand that combined quality, affordability, and style.

Colin's background as a player, his global travels, and his dedication to making a positive impact on the hockey community converged in the birth of Enigma Hockey. With a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of athletes, Colin's vision has brought forth a brand that resonates with hockey enthusiasts worldwide. Through Enigma Hockey, Colin continues to leave an enduring legacy, enriching the game and the lives of those who play it.

The man behind the design.

Within the small hockey community in Queenstown, we have a huge pool of talent from musicians through to graphic designers. Colin, knowing of Matt's talents off the ice struck up a conversation telling Matt he was starting Enigma Hockey and needed a logo and design for the initial stick...the rest is history!

Matt McKinley describes himself as an "enthusiastic designer & illustrator, surviving on a healthy diet of comics, pen & paper role playing games and 90s pop culture.". When he's not showcasing his skills on the ice as a reliable goalie, he's masterfully weaving his design magic.

From the project's inception, Matt and Colin embarked on a collaborative journey that saw them nurturing the design process from infancy to maturity. With a clear vision in mind, they embarked on creating a visually captivating design tailored to the world of sports branding. The result? An audacious logo and branding that boldly declare the Enigma Hockey identity.

"It was important to create a striking design that would lend itself to a sports brand. We created a bold logo and branding that stands out on the hockey stick." - Matt McKinley

The culmination of their efforts materialized into the iconic logo that now adorns Enigma's sticks, gloves, skins, and socks. This emblem has not only become a symbol of Enigma Hockey but is starting to become recognizable insignia in the global hockey arena.

Crafted for Victory, Designed for You.



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