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Engima Hockey BL8.3 'Sneaky Randal' Stick

Engima Hockey


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Introducing the Enigma Hockey BL 8.3 hockey stick - affectionately known as the "Sneaky Randal." Embrace nostalgia without compromise, as the BL 8.3 marries classic aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. 

The BL 8.3, a true game-changer, lets you experience the charm of an 'oldschool' wood stick without sacrificing the advantages of modern engineering. Aptly named the "Sneaky Randal," this stick seamlessly merges the timeless appeal of wood with the superior performance of carbon.

Unveil a new era of versatility on the ice with the BL 8.3. With its uncanny ability to mimic the look of traditional wood while delivering the carbon's unmistakable feel, it's a perfect fusion of the past and the present.

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